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Since 2005, Health Beauty Distributors has been dedicated to providing healthcare professionals with access to a range of the latest health & beauty products without having to establish individual manufacturer accounts. We are headquartered in Toms River, NJ, and aim to be the premier distributor of high-end skin care, beauty, and medical products to the medical community.

At Health Beauty Distributors we have established relationships with many health and beauty providers in order to ensure that your patients, clients, and family members have access to the latest products.

It's our belief that offering the latest and greatest lifestyle products to your patients and families is not unethical if handled discreetly. We encourage each practice's designated purchaser to avail themselves of information and reviews pertaining to these products, both from the internet at large and specific manufacturer websites. We also encourage the office manager to match internet pricing without restriction to facilitate further sales in the practice setting. Product can be sold on the spot without any delay or shipping cost.