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Migraine Prevention


"Prescription only". Purchasers will need to fill out "contact us" request form to be able to receive additional instructions on purchasing product.



The electrodes are designed to be used 20 times. Provided the electrode adheres well to the skin on the forehead, it can be used. Before applying the electrode, the skin on the forehead should always be cleaned and de-greased thoroughly with soap and water.
Once the session ends, the electrode should be stuck back onto its clear plastic backing sheet and stored in its pouch.
Do not leave the electrode un-packaged in a dry place. It will lose its hydration and will no longer function properly. A few drops of water from the tap on the electrode gel will re-hydrate it and help prolong its use.

Who should not use this device?

We recommend that you do not use the device in the following situations:
• Subjects with implanted metallic or electronic device in the head
• Subjects suffering from pain of unknown origin
Subjects who have a cardiac pacemaker or implanted or wearable defibrillator. This may cause interference with pacing, electric shock, or death
If pregnant, check with your doctor first

Cefaly insurance reimbursement

Cefaly is not covered yet by insurance. It is not expected before next year.

When submitting your contact information please include ship to address and valid email address that can accept Paypal invoices as method of payment. Valid prescriptions can be faxed securely to 866-728-1585. Feel free to tell your friends, family and colleagues that Cefaly is now easily available in the United States for purchase through Health Beauty Distributors.



The sensation produced by Cefaly is strange and unusual, but most people get used to it quickly after a few sessions. However some people are more sensitive and may find the sensation produced by Cefaly painful. If this is the case for you, simply press the button during the session when the sensation becomes slightly uncomfortable to limit its intensity.

Only 1.25% of patients cannot stand the sensation produced by Cefaly and therefore are unable to carry out the treatment correctly.

Warranty and Refund Policy

The Cefaly device is guaranteed for 2 years from the date of purchase. Keep your invoice or till receipt safe as this is your proof of purchase and the date marked on it shall be deemed the date of purchase.

This 2-year guarantee does not cover accessories such as batteries, electrodes, nor any damage resulting from the device being struck, dropped or damaged in any other way that may prevent it from working properly. Devices that have a cracked, broken or bent box or a box that shows signs of physical damage shall therefore not be covered by the guarantee. This also applies to devices that have had their contact parts bent or crushed by force.
During the guarantee period, the device may, depending on the severity of the fault, either be repaired free of charge via an approved repairer or replaced.
Refund policy: there is a 60 days money back guarantee on the device (369$) from the date of delivery; the device has to be sent back before 60 days at the address in the US mentioned on the invoice.