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Est. 2005 | Toms River, NJ

Since 2005 the founders of Health Beauty Distributors have delivered the latest trending brands of health and beauty product lines to medical professionals in Toms River, NJ, and the Jersey Shore area. Our goal is to eliminate the need for licensed medical professionals to establish accounts with multiple manufacturers in order to offer their patients the latest skin care and medical products. We offer the most prestigious skincare creams, lotions, devices, and gadgets to help clients with their daily routines. Our products are prestigious and highly effective but do not require a prescription for purchase.

Physician recommended skincare products — Toms River, NJ

Are you a physician, physician office, aesthestician, advanced practitioner, or other licensed health care professional interested in making extra money for your office? Health Beauty Distributors in Toms River, NJ, provides access to premier skin care products from a variety of manufacturers. These can be drop shipped to your office in very reasonable minimum order quantities.

Toms River, NJ, Health & Beauty Products to Licensed Medical Professionals

In an era of declining insurance company reimbursement, this is an opportunity to generate extra revenue for your practice while providing an extra service to your Toms River and NJ Shore patients, their friends, and their family members. We are expanding our focus to include primary care providers such as internal medicine physicians, family medicine physicians, pediatricians, and OB/GYN physicians who are not served by dedicated manufacturer account reps. This service is only available to licensed medical professionals, and verification of licensure will be necessary for sale of products.

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Prescription product general information

When submitting your contact information please include ship to address and valid email address that can accept PayPal invoices as method of payment. Valid prescriptions can be faxed securely to 866-728-1585. Feel free to tell your friends, family and colleagues that our very popular lifestyle products (Cefaly among others) is now easily available in the United States for purchase through Health Beauty Distributors.

Cefaly is the perfect solution for more than half of migraine sufferers. It enables the use of medicines to be significantly reduced, specifically habit forming narcotic medicines, and the sufferer's quality of life to be markedly improved. Several published clinical studies have demonstrated its excellent effectiveness and its complete safety. Cefaly has been approved by the FDA for use under prescription.Cefaly is positioned on the forehead using an adhesive electrode. Precise impulses are produced, which act on the trigeminal nerve in order to prevent migraine attacks. Please read further about the device and how to purchase by clicking here.